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Jason Freure is the editor of The Town Crier blog and operations manager at The Puritan, where he's worn many hats, including reader, blog columnist, editor, and more since 2013.

Everybody Rides the Bus in a City of Losers is set to be his debut book of poetry. ECW Press plans to release it into the world in Fall 2018.

Otherwise, you can find his work online and in print in magazines like MaisonneuveCNQVallum, or Carte Blanche, not to mention top-notch little magazines like (parenthetical) and The Hart House Review.

Fall 2018


“A man who, beyond the age of 26, finds himself on a bus can count himself as a failure.” If Margaret Thatcher’s apocryphal quote is true, Jason Freure is definitely a loser. Everyone Rides the Bus in a City of Losers is about riding the metro and wandering Montreal’s streets. Freure always has an eye on the storefronts and alley cats, one foot already in the nearest dive bar. From poems for every station on the metro to restaurants that have long shut down, vanished music venues to the landmarks that are always popping up around the corner, this is a book that’s fantastical, nostalgic, and joyful.


Everyone Rides the Bus in a City of Losers is about those who get lost when they go out, get lonely, garble their French, and never manage to find a seat at their favourite coffee shop. It’s about what happens when the city turns its back on you and leaves you out in the cold. Everyone’s a flaneur and everyone rides the bus.

Now available for pre-order from ECW Press.

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